Configurator Advantix Vario
Configurator Advantix Vario

Layout for Advantix Vario shower channel and wall drain - quick and simple.  

With the Viega Advantix Vario configurator, Viega offers an online tool which allows you to configure your Advantix Vario shower channel and wall drain in a very quick and easy way. 


For the configuration, you just have to enter length and design of the desired shower channel or wall drain. The software automatically calculates the expected drainage capacity and visualises the designed shower channel/wall drain including a cutting plan as well as the items needed for the installation.

The following versions can be designed:Advantix Vario-Shower channel

  • Straight with one or two channels
  • L-form with one channel per side 
  • U-form with one channel per side

Advantix Vario-Wall drain

  • Free-standing/Centred in the wall
  • Wall adjacent to the right or left side
  • Installation in niche