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Viega Flushing Systems

Flushing Systems

Beauty on the outside. Brilliance on the inside. 

Welcome to the next evolution in toilet systems with in-wall flushing technology. Through a heritage of innovation and dedication to precise German engineering, Viega brings a concealed flushing system that’s simple to install, easy to maintain, and reliable to withstand the test of time. These flushing systems not only exceed the expectations of functionality but they also offer multiple possibilities for modern composition. By teaming up with world-renowned designers to develop a wide range of award-winning flush plates, there are unique manual and touchless styles for every bathroom setting. 


Viega In-Wall Flushing Systems
  • Carriers can be set for most any bowl height, including ADA standards
  • Flush plates can be flush mounted in the wall
  • Several models feature Bowden cables which have a smooth-feel operation and always operate in the same way with no adjustment needed
  • Flush plates are available with sensor technology, IR and remote button for ADA compliance
  • Viega’s standard pass-through fill valve works well even with reclaimed, over-chlorinated water systems
  • 10-year warranty on all parts in the tank
  • Lifetime warranty on the tank and frame


Flush Plates

Form meets flush

Whether for a family bathroom or public washroom, all the flush plates provide ease of operation and reliable quality. Viega has more than 65 different material, texture and color combinations to fit every taste and style. There is also a touchless option which makes flushing as easy as waving your hand.  


Viega Flush Plates
  • Touchless: Visign for More Sensitive is perfect for a hygienic trigger without fingerprints
  • Luxurious: Visign for More products meet the highest demands on form, function and material
  • Purist: Visign for Style offers aesthetic accents in the bathroom
  • Demanding: Visign for Public products are built for demanding conditions
  • Level: Flush-mounted installation for the contemporary unity of space and triggering



Instills confidence. Inspires beauty.

As a behind-the-wall leader, Viega’s precise German engineering provides long-lasting quality, clean contemporary lines, and a statement-making aesthetic that transforms the bathroom space into a canvas of innovation. Carriers are available in two sizes, plus there are urinal, bidet and washbasin elements available.

Viega Carriers
  • Easier in every way — adaptable options for hassle-free installation
  • Access through faceplate for easy maintenance
  • Less surface area to clean for a more hygienic space
  • Get superior head pressure when compared to traditional exposed tank systems
  • More efficient water use than traditional systems — exceeds EPA Water Sense standard
  • Provides six more inches of space in the room with the tank inside the wall
  • Enables the toilet to fit into tight spaces 

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