System press tools


System press tools

For all Viega press systems from d 12–108.0.

Viega system press tools can be used with all metallic Viega press systems as well as for Geopress and PE‑Xc press systems.

Pressgun 5 and the tried and tested Pressgun Picco are equipped with the latest lithium ion technology, the highest battery capacity combined with optimal cold resistance. A power pack is also available.

The system press tools Pressgun 5 and Pressgun Picco are equipped with an innovative safety technology and have an LED display.

The rotatable press head on the Pressgun 5 and the Pressgun Picco as well as the low weight allow easy handling. The innovative Viega press rings with hinged adapter jaw allow pressings in hard-​to-​access spaces as well as in shafts and pre-​wall constructions.

The geometry and press contour of the system press jaws is optimally harmonised with the press connectors.

Service points for system press tools and press jaws authorised by Viega offer a high level of system reliability.
The functional safety, and permanent tightness of the Viega press systems depends largely on the functional and operational safety of the Viega system press tools, i.e. Viega press machine plus Viega system press jaw, ring, chain and (hinged) adapter jaw. This Viega system press tools have been specially developed for the processing of the Viega press systems and have been adjusted accordingly. When used for systems of other manufacturers Viega can not take any responsibility.

Maintenance tips for Viega system press tools and press jaws:
  • System press tools
Viega press tools achieve a pre-​set pressure electro-​hydraulically for the pressing procedure. The required operational safety requires a leak-​free hydraulic system without oil loss, however natural wear and tear on such heavily used components is unavoidable. To ensure the continuous operating safety and reliability of the system press tools, the tools must be maintained regularly. This normally takes place by sending to the service points named by Viega or on location promotions through service points at the trade wholesaler.
  • System press jaws
It is recommended that the press jaw are inspected together with the system press tools. During the procedure, consumables are replaced, press jaw contours are revised and the press jaws are reset. Since 2012, Viega press jaws have been provided with maintenance stickers, which show the next recommended inspection date.
Example: next service 3rd quarter of 2015. New stickers after successful servicing by a Viega service point.

Viega system press tools/servicing intervals:
  • Pressgun 5 (for DN10–DN100)
LED display after 40,000 pressings. Safety shutdown after a further 2,000 pressings - at the latest after 4 years.
  • Pressgun Picco (for DN10–DN40)
  • Pressgun 4E and 4B (for DN10–DN100)
LED display after 30,000 pressings. Safety shutdown after a further 2,000 pressings - at the latest after 4 years.
  • Type PT3-AH (for DN10–DN100)
  • Picco (for DN10–DN40)
  • Type PT3-H/EH (for DN10–DN100)
LED display after 20,000 pressings. Safety shutdown after a further 2,000 pressings - at the latest after 4 years.
  • Type 2 (for DN10–DN100)
At least every 2 years.
  • Viega battery-​operated press tool model 2478
    (for d 12–22 and d 14–20)
At least once a year.
  • Viega battery-​operated press tool model 2475
    (for DN10–DN100)
LED display after 20,000 pressings. However, after no more than 4 years.
Service points authorised by Viega:
  • Martin Unterreitmaier
Landsberger Str. 469, 81241 Munich
Telephone: 089‑839690-91, Telefax: 089‑839690-92,
martin@unterreitmaier-​, www.unterreitmaier-​

  • Hans-​Joachim Voigt & Sohn
Nordlichtstraße 48/50, 13405 Berlin
Telephone: 030‑413-4041, Telefax: 030‑413-3057,
info@voigt-​und-​, www.voigt-​und-​

  • Hamburger-​Hochdruck-​Hydraulik GmbH
Billwerder Billdeich 601 C, 21033 Hamburg
Telephone: 040‑751190-0, Telefax: 040‑751190-39,,

Please fulfil your duty of care and follow these maintenance notices. General rule: Safety through maintenance. If the advice is not followed, no responsibility for personal injury can be accepted.
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System press tools