Pexfit Pro

Pexfit Pro pipes are as flexible as you wish and as durable and reliable as you expect them to be. In combination with the new press connectors made of PPSU and Viega red brass connectors, they offer maximum safety when it comes to drinking water.

Pexfit Pro Fosta and Pexfit Pro Plus pipes are entirely suitable for use in drinking water installation. They are hygienic and fulfil all regulatory requirements as well as those for Viega press connectors. The Pexfit Pro system not only convinces due to its new, durable pipe, but also due to the sizes of connectors that range from 14 to 63 mm – all of them coming with the Viega SC-Contur. The extremely tight connectors with pre-assembled press sleeves made of stainless steel create an optimal holding function and prevent twisting after pressing.

Cross-linked PE-Xc – Absolutely dimensionally stable

Pexfit Pro Fosta pipes consist of three layers: a PE-Xc internal pipe, an aluminium layer and a white external coating. Alongside the high pressure and temperature resistance, the physical crosslinking process, as well as the 3-layer construction, guarantee a long-lasting deployment of the pipe. The butt welded aluminium coating minimises the length expansion, makes the pipe diffusion proof and, above all, dimensionally stable. Pexfit Pro Fosta can be bent into the required shape and will remain so permanently. It has long since proven itself on storeys. But the system’s flexibility is of use in riser pipes and cellar manifolds, e.g. when narrow ducts are required during renovation work. A real work-saver in confined spaces and a good opportunity to save material.

Perfect for pre-wall installations

No matter if Steptec, Viega Eco Plus or Viega Mono – Pexfit Pro pipes fit in perfectly into every Viega pre-wall technology system. Thanks to easy shaping and excellent dimensional stability, they simplify the assembly considerably. Whenever it gets tight, e.g. in Steptec duct constructions Pexfit Pro Fosta  exhibit their high level of flexibility. Push on, press, finished. Press connectors speed up the work, while corrosion resistant PPSU manifolds ensure safety and hygiene. 

Pexfit Pro assembly unit: variable interface for all installation situations

Pexfit Pro assembly units can be installed on, in or in front of the wall. The insertion depth is infinitely variable from 80 to 200 mm and offers as much freedom in the planning as the respective fastening set. Noise insulation made of highly flexible plastic round off the system. They provide the necessary noise reduction and with it optimal living comfort. All kinds of installation situations are possible: even assembly on the wall. If a drinking water installation is to be subsequently walled-in, the wall brackets are the perfect solution for this.

Concealed connection socket

The Pexfit Pro concealed connection socket is a Viega solution especially for pipe-in-pipe installations. It protects the interface to the water fitting against building site conditions and allows a simple pipe exchange without any damage to tiles.

Central leakage test thanks to SC-Contur

As the first on the market, Viega guarantees that a complete leakage test can be carried out centrally using a manometer, as long as the entire system is fitted with Viega SC-Contur. The central leakage test offers more security and comfort than the normal necessary visual check of each individual press connector. If connectors are unintentionally left unpressed, the medium leaks out and is shown as a loss of pressure on the manometer. If a dry leakage and load test is carried out instead of a wet test, the hygiene risks are lowered. These are created by the stagnant water in the pipes in the time between the first filling and commissioning.

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