Interior design is a main aspect for the brand and identity development of a hotel.
The architect must find holistic solutions and intelligently combine ecological and
economical aspects with functionality and beauty.

All over the world, customers are increasingly demanding at every project stage
from project draft to detailed planning. Factors such as regulations and standards, a growing awareness of service life and consumption, but also increased demands in comfort and beauty pose a huge challenge and need to be considered separately for each individual element.

As a system provider, Viega supports the visions of internationally renowned architects and designers and provides answers to complex questions. We share our knowledge with customers all over the world, accompanying you all the way from the concept to the realization of your hotel project. We coordinate materials and technologies, allow for contemporary changes in the attitude towards design and comfort, take enough time for quality assurance, and invest in research, development, and sustainability. 

Luxury Hotel Solutions 

Product: Advantix Vario wall drain

Expressive design. Elegant materials. Highest flexibility. Made of premium stainless steel, the Advantix Vario wall drain convinces in hotel bathrooms and spa areas with its consistently clean design language. Thanks to a standing grate with a width of only four millimetres and cover caps in matching colors, it blends in smoothly with any tile pattern. The water is safely drained via the wall so that even large-format tiles can be laid right up to the wall without any additional cutting. The attractively shaped wall drain is self-cleaning.

Product: Height-adjustable WC and washbasin elements

Too high or too low – wouldn't it be perfect if every guest could easily adjust the WC and washbasin to the height that is perfect for them? Still some way off?

Not really: With the Viega Eco Plus pre-wall elements, a touch of a button is all it needs to adjust the WC height in a range of eight centimetres. The same goes for the washbasin: Its height can even be adjusted in a range of 20 centimetres. The height-adjustable Viega Eco Plus elements can be combined with a wide range of WC and washbasin models and perfectly fit into any design concept. Comfort at the touch of a button. Without any restrictions to your freedom of design.

Product: Touchless flush actuation plates 

Touchless comfort and prize-winning design for WC and urinal. Flush plates from the Visign for More and Visign for Style range combine excellent functionality with a design language which creates a distinct accent piece in the bathroom.

Unobtrusive design elements visualize the hygienic touchless flush actuation. Combined with premium materials, this creates a particularly elegant appearance. Tile-level installation provides for additional visual appeal: The flush plate is absolutely flush with the wall, and also with natural stone.

Product: Multiplex Trio E2

Multiplex Trio E2 is a bathtub fitting which is unobtrusive yet comes with a marked design identity. Electronically controlled, it ensures a high degree of comfort in the bath and replaces traditional mixing taps: Simply select your individual temperature and filling height, save to the so-called Presets if required, and leave the rest to the maintenance-free bathtub fitting.

Intuitive operating comfort which caters to the users' individual requirements. An app for easy remote control is also available.

Premium Hotel Solutions

Viega combines highest comfort with appealing design and high-grade functionality.

Product: Advantix Vario shower floor drain

"Freedom of design with standard-production items" – that's the great benefit of the Advantix Vario shower channel. Mounting is made easy thanks to the reliable bonded sealing concept and the variable installation height.

The 120 centimetres long base unit and the standing grate can be cut to any length down to 30 centimetres, accurate to the millimetre. Shower channels of a length of up to 2.80 meters can be implemented easily with just three connection pieces, just as corner or U-shaped solutions. No custom-made components are required. Just 20 millimetres wide, the inlet joint with the stainless steel standing grate in its center convinces with its unobtrusive elegance. The Advantix Vario shower channel sets accents without dominating the bathroom.

Product: Multiplex Trio F bathtub

With the Multiplex Trio F fitting, filling the bathtub is a highly comfortable experience: Practically free of noise, the water is supplied into the tub through the drain unit.

A new design form – with inlet and drain arranged separately at different heights – ensures the required hygiene and safety. Ideal for combination with the electronically controlled inlet fitting Multiplex Trio E.

Product: Flush plate Visign for More 104 chrome-plated

A perfect union of form and function. The strictly graphical, reduced design language of the Visign for More 104 convinces completely. A narrow bar makes the functionality visible and proves that a lot of technology can fit into a small space. Made from high-quality chrome, the Visign for More 104 matches the award-winning design of the inlet and drain fitting Multiplex, but also goes well with timeless-design fittings by other manufacturers. Equipped with a special frame, the WC flush plate can be installed flush with tiles of any thickness or with natural stone.


Design & comfort

Creating the interior design of hotels is a highly complex task. Many aspects must be considered when planning a concept of a space. At the end of the day, not only the building owner but in particular the guests must love the design.
The award-winning Viega products afford architects and interior designers maximum freedom of design. For every hotel, from luxury to budget, we offer solutions which combine beauty and functionality at the highest level. Future-oriented product innovations with a characteristic design language and above-average comfort create a unique, individual room experience.

All over the world, Viega shower channels, WC flush plates, bathtub fittings, and pre-wall systems set accents in a holistic hotel concept. Special colors and surface finishes as well as individual branding of the products allow for minute nuances within the corporate identity of the hotel.

Drinking water

Drinking water and the protection of its quality are among Viega's core competencies. Here, safety is of absolute priority.
From planning to commissioning, we are your reliable partner. Thanks to many years of experience, we offer competent support for challenges of all kind. Premium-quality products and innovative solutions, such as the Viega Hygiene+ concept, provide reliable protection from legionella.

Materials approved for contact with drinking water, such as stainless steel, copper, gunmetal and plastic, significantly help to protect the quality of the drinking water. All Viega drinking water installations meet the high requirements and strict limit values of national and international regulations – to ensure your safety, day by day.

Fire protection

The integration of fire protection in the technical systems of the building is a complex task for technical designers; the technically faultless implementation is likewise not easy. Viega offers tested system solutions, combined with extensive service.

This includes personal on-site support by Viega technical experts, but also comprehensive training, planning tools, and seminars. Planners and trade professionals have maximum freedom of choice among the Viega piping and isolation systems. All systems in all combinations have technical fire protection approval and may be guided through a wall with zero clearance, also combined with external systems such as ventilation channels and electrical cables. Viega fire protection solutions are individual solutions.

Simple. Safe. Economical.


High-quality products do not come cheap. But you pay the price also for a long service life, high functionality, reliability, and permanent beauty. In particular when expensive modifications and rectifications become necessary due to bad planning, the true value of high-quality products becomes visible.

Viega commits to "Made in Germany". Only in this way can we meet the strictest standards on an international level, work with the best materials, and have more than 17,000 products in stock at all times.
Viega provides planning safety for long-term decisions. Without any compromise. 


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