Viega Sanpress Inox

When it comes down to hygiene, safety and permanent durability, there is no getting past gunmetal. Sanpress connectors in sizes 12 to 108 mm allow a cost-effective dimensioning of the pipes thanks to their more favourable flow conditions.

Gunmetal connections and pipes made of non-rusting steel offer a high degree of reliability and flexibility. In the course of renovation, they can be combined perfectly with other materials. Viega Sanpress can be processed in a matter of seconds, thanks to convenient press technology. The tried and tested SC-Contur ensures absolute reliability.

Water-Flushed Drinking Water Connections

Especially at extraction points which are only seldom used, the right choice of technology is very important. The Sanpress dual-wall plate disc and the Sanpress wall plate T-piece provide hygienically optimized pipework, for example, ring or serial piping systems.

Leakage Tests made Easy

The reusable Viega pressure test plug enables piping sections to be tested quickly, without a lot of effort. The component is available in dimensions 12 to 54 mm and comes with a KFE fitting as standard, with which test sections can be temporarily closed.

The Economic Sanpress Pipe 316  L

With the stainless steel pipe made of 316 L material, we see a cost-effective quality product, which provides long-term reliability regarding with regards resistance and maintenance of the water quality in drinking water installations. The Sanpress pipe 316 L is produced using modern laser technology without welding supplements. This process leads to a very narrow welding seam. In addition, the pipe benefits from combined stabilization with titanium and niobium, with leads to increased durability.

Thanks to its innovative composition, the Viega Sanpress pipe 316 L is much less dependent on the development of raw material prices. That allows more reliable calculations and contributes to higher cost-effectiveness and your competitiveness. Of course, the new material can be processed as normal and be bent up to a dimension of 28 mm.

Year 2021

Sanpress press connectors are characterized by their ideal flow conditions within components. This is both economically and hygienically advantageous

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